KM21 is keen that everyone should feel welcome on its premises. Unfortunately, however, we do not have good disabled access throughout the building.

Travelling to the museum

Public transport 
KM21 is on the route of tram 17 and bus 24. The distance from the tram stop to the main entrance is approximately 50 metres. Bus 24 does have disabled access. Mobility scooters may not however be taken on the bus, because of their size and turning circle. HTM buses are also not yet able to transport electric wheelchairs. The bus stop is approximately 215 metres from the main entrance.

Neighbouring Kunstmuseum Den Haag has two disabled parking spaces, which can be used free of charge by anyone with a disabled parking card. They are 100 metres from the entrance to KM21. If these spaces are occupied, the only alternative parking is on the street. There are no indoor parking facilities with disabled parking spaces in the vicinity. 

Unfortunately, there is no taxi rank in front of the museum. Taxi drivers may park temporarily in the coach parking space right in front of the main entrance. 

Entrance and lobby

A ramp leads to the entrance. It has no resting places and is relatively steep (gradient 5.2% - 8.7%). We will be happy to help you negotiate the ramp. Just call 070 - 338 12 197 before visiting, or when you arrive. A member of staff will then help you on the ramp. 

You must pass through two doors to enter the museum. The outer door is 87 cm wide, the inner door has a width of 78 cm. The inner door can be opened wider. A member of staff will be happy to help you with both doors.


The museum has a specially adapted disabled access toilet. The doorway is 87 cm wide. The toilet room itself measures 184 x 272 cm. Room for manoeuvre is limited, unfortunately; the space between the hand washbasin and the wall is 130 x 150 cm. There is no official sanitary changing room for adults. The toilet facilities are on level -1, which can be accessed via the lift. 


A central lift gives access to all levels. It is situated opposite the ticket desk. The exhibition spaces are on different levels, which can also be accessed by a lift at the back of the galleries (slightly out of sight in the larger galleries). Please ask a staff member if you are unable to find the lift.

Exhibition spaces

There is plenty of room for manoeuvre in most of the exhibitions spaces, with broad pathways between exhibits. Unfortunately, there are a relatively large number of heavy doors that need to be opened by hand. Please ask a member of staff if you require assistance. We are always happy to help. 

The amount of seating in the museum is limited, and varies from one exhibition to another. The museum does not have portable chairs. 

Send any questions, suggestions or complaints to:

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Boris Mikhailov - Ukrainian Diary

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