Current exhibition

Mickey Yang


Mickey Yang creates poetic installations mixing audio, video, and sculptural elements.

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Caroline Walker

Largescale canvases and intimate scenes.

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Oscar Murillo

Powerful, immersive installations in which multiple artistic mediums and disciplines come together.

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past exhibitions


Lisa Brice

“As a figurative painter it is significant that historical figuration seems invariably created by white men for an audience of predominantly white men.” - Lisa Brice

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Kati Heck

With humour and a sense of the absurd, Kati Heck (b. 1979, Düsseldorf) dissects the world around her and creates her own universe.

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Vordemberge Gildewart Award 2020

The prize is an initiative of the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation, established in memory of the German-Dutch De Stijl artist.

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Emma Talbot

Emma Talbot's work explores human existence as a dreamlike, sometimes oppressive experience between conscious and subconscious, the everyday and the mythical.

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An unusual stroll

The Dutch artist Krijn Giezen (1939-2011) investigated the relationship between man and nature in various forms.

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Helen Dowling

British artist Helen Dowling creates video works with a hallucinatory appeal from a multitude of images.

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Shirin Neshat

Shirin Neshat's work focuses on the tension between her roots and Western culture and the roles of man and woman.

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Composer, music theater maker and visual artist Dick Raaijmakers (1930 - 2013) is considered a great innovator.

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Thorsten Brinkmann

This self-proclaimed 'series collector' (Serialsammler) brings together all kinds of objects that have been discarded by others in his studio in Hamburg.

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Now or Never #4

Every two years, GEM museum of contemporary art turns the spotlight on artists who have recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. This time, director Benno Tempel has

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Maaike Schoorel

"My work is loud and present, as whispered words can be hard to beat." - Maaike Schoorel

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Folkert de Jong

Folkert de Jong is in much of his work a creator of a universe populated by life-size human figures with a humorous grimness.

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Sol LeWitt. A tribute

Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) is one of the most important founders of Conceptual Art and American Minimal Art.

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Ante Timmermans

Performances, paintings, sculptures and spatial installations. The Flemish visual artist Ante Timmermans expresses herself in various disciplines, but is mainly seen as a draftsman.

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Nick van Woert

Trained as an architect, Nick van Woert is mainly interested in materials, their functions and their possibilities for meaning.

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Aukje Koks

In the work of Aukje Koks, objects are painted, cut out, mounted on the wall or pasted on another canvas.

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Fransje Killaars

Fransje Killaars' colorful installations are three-dimensional paintings that consist of hand-woven carpets, fabrics and strands of wool in all conceivable colors.

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Jason Akira Somma

Young artist Jason Akira Somma's resume includes impressive names such as Lyon Opera Ballet, Walt Disney Imagineers, The Armory and the Guggenheim Museum.

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Now or Never #3

Artists who have just graduated from the Royal Academy of Visual Arts (KABK) in The Hague are in the spotlight.

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Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford does not get the material for his work from a painting supply store, but from his immediate surroundings. He often chooses paper scraps from posters as a starting point.

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Mark van Overeem

Throughout his career as an artist, Mark van Overeem has always been fascinated by boundaries, reflections and repetitions and the interior space created by the boundaries.

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Jana Gunstheimer

Jana Gunstheimer knows how to create a cosmos of false reality. In her figurative drawings she refers to reality, quotes from art history and science.

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Charles Avery

Charles Avery is an explorer of the "old-fashioned" kind.

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UNEARTH, a compilation of photos, posters, videos and sound recordings from the UN archives - shows almost 70 years of history.

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The Vincent Award 2014

The prize is an incentive prize for a mid-career artist with a major influence on the development of contemporary art in Europe.

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In recent years, Van Eeden has made narrative drawing series that together tell a complex (crime) story. Fact and fiction are constantly intertwined.

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Jacco Olivier

With the help of video art, Jacco Olivier knows how to give painting a new face.

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Daan van Golden

Reflections, shadows, patterns and silhouettes play an important role in Daan van Golden's work.

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